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I noticed that a lot of people say on tumblr that they can’t afford to buy their favorite Kpop bands merch. So I am having a Giveaway. Good Luck!
Prizes (There will be 3 winners)
First winner:Beast Lightstick ( Goodluck cd (
Second winner:Skullhong Beanie (
Third winner: Skullhong Pouch (
Anyone can join.No giveaway blogs! I will be checkingYou can reblog as many times as you like.Likes count.Must be 16+ or have your parents permission to give out your personal info.Shipping internationally.Make sure your ask is open.Winner will have 24 hours to reply back. If there is no reply, a new winner will be picked. Giveaway ends July 30th.Goodluck!

Lamborghini Aventador PUR RS09 PUR AERO by on Flickr.

 item pool


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